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Terms and conditions

  • Working languages:  English, Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Romanian, Azerbaijani;

  • Volume of text to 6 pages;

  • Microsoft World text editor in .doc, .docx format;

  • font 14 Times New Roman, spacing 1.5, floor 20 mm;

   Procedure for posting information:

  • Full name of the author (s) completely without reductions (center alignment);

  • name of place of work, study; academic degree, title and position if available;

  • city and country (center alignment);

  • title of the article / thesis (center alignment, capital letters, bold;

  • abstract (at least 20-30 words) (5-10 sentences),  italic font );

  • keywords (from 5 to 10 words, italics );

  • further exposition of the main material of the work;

  • at the end of the text we specify the list of sources (you specify in the order of mention in the text);

  • figures and tables should be numbered (Table 1, Figure 1).


Sample text design

Petro Ivanovych Shevchenko
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Department of Philosophy 

Kyiv National University of Economics named after Vadym Hetman
Kyiv, Ukraine



Abstract. A summary, reflecting the subject matter of the article.

Keywords: Keywords

Presentation of the main text of the article



1. Name of literature/source.
2. Name of literature/source.

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